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side. it will be in the 80s. and it is now 65 degrees at reagan national. humidity is 73%. not much of any winds. pressure up. great looking forecast. a few fair weather clouds moving through. satellite radar showing you the clear skies and it should be bright and sunny throughout the day. no rain or thunderstorm activity expected today. that will be in the forecast late tomorrow. i'll have more details on that coming up. but for today, a nice looking afternoon. a cool start and nice warm afternoon. temperatures a few degrees above average. 83 degrees and again changes in the forecast tomorrow. we also have not one, not two, but three different tropical storms. we'll take a look at those in a couple of minutes. allison. >> tucker, thank you. the district -- sent a
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message cloud and clear they want a change. >> vincent gray wins the democratic primary against mayor fenty. and will now likely become the city's next mayor. >> with 90% of the precincts reporting, gray has received 53% of the vote to fenty's 46%. we're told the mayor called gray this morning to concede the race. matt acland is live at the board of election headquarters in northwest with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning tony and allison. you can believe it was over. it was a long night last night and this mayor race is what everyone is talking about this morning, whether they wanted the mayor to win or they are so excited that the chairman has won. it's on the minds of so many people. we should update you with the information we have. we are told that chairman gray is expected to hold a press conference to make some kind of speech at noon today at the same hotel where he was early this morning. in fact we have some video to show you. this is right around 2:00 this
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morning. it was a very long night waiting for those votes to come in. but chairman gray stood up in front of his supporters and talked to them about how now he wants to focus on the city and for everyone to come together. but people were upset because it did take so long for the votes to come in. the polls stopped at 8:00, we thought we were going to get some results in the next couple of hours but it wasn't really late. and just a little while ago i had a chance to talk the executive director of the board of elections and ethics. here is what he had to say about all of that. >> i understand their concern. i've done a lot of campaign work before i became an election administrator and i've been on the other side so i know exactly what they are going through when they are looking for results but we are concerned about accuracy and with everything going on with all of the problems that happened in 2008 and with the issues with poll workers in the morning, we wanted to make sure everything was done properly. >> reporter: and are you still
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looking into what happened yesterday morning with some of the issues that you had? >> the issues that we had yesterday morning were typical of a new rollout of equipment. if you look at any jurisdiction across the country that rolls out new equipment, what happened yesterday happens across the country. it was nothing different. we'll fix our training and tweak a few things and be a lot better in november. >> reporter: it sounds like everything will be working well in november for the general election. we'll have to wait and see. just a recaat this point we know that chairman gray will speak to the media at noon today. we are going to be there. as far as mayor fenty, we've been trying to reach his folks but so far we don't know when he will speak to the media about this devastating loss last night. we'll keep you updated throughout the day. back to you. it was a tough race for the two candidates, including mayor fenty who faced accusations of being detached and not focused. >> karen gray houston has been
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covering this race. she joins us to talk about it. thank you for coming in. it was a late night. >> yes. at 2:30. >> you were with the fenty camp last night and give me a sense of what they were feeling last night? do they have a sense of why things turned out the way they did? >> if you watched who was at the campaign headquarters, it was young campaign volunteers and workers. they were -- the average age was 25 or less. and so it was really -- i've covered a lot of the primary elections and general elections and you normally see people attached to your administration, there were a few of those there. people from outside of the government, civic groups, church and union leaders and none of those people were there. so that was a little bit unusual. did they get why it happened? i think what happened is people want to like their mayor and it had gotten to the point where he was not as likeable and they
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were used to. he had a couple of terms as a city counsel person who was mr. constituent. if you needed something, he would show up and try to get it for you. and all of a sudden he wasn't as responsive. there were little old black ladies that said i tried to help him, i was there when he needed me and now he's turned his back on me and we used to joke about it in the media. if you throw a rock out the window, adrian fenty will show up and then all of a sudden he wasn't there any more. >> leading up to it, because when you talk about things like that it seems like sort of vague or this isn't a popularity contest, this is an election and based on these results, some say he should have been re-elected. was there a sense that, wow, this is coming down to this and we might not be in power? >> i think it came -- if they that had sense, i'm not sure. >> or we they -- were they too
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young to grasp? >> i don't know. people who covered the government and couldn't get answers to phone calls or e- mails got it. they were young. and they were trying to do things. i think it happened over time. there was the thing with the baseball ticket and that seemed small tickets and why would you let that go on for a long time. there were allegations of the cronyism and there is an investigation still going on about how wrong that was. and so little things that happened and -- oh, the teachers were fired. people wanted the reform of the school system. and they got a lot of the reform, but they don't like the way it happened. >> maybe it's too soon to ask this question, but do we have any indication of what mayor fenty might do from here? there was talk before, not from him, but there was talk about
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maybe he'll be a write-in candidate, did we have any sense of where he would go from here. >> and i did ask him if he would be a write-in candidate and he said he won't answer until after this election was over. that's a possibility. and we asked last night if he would look ahead and he refused to and he was not in the mood last night to concede the race. >> all right. karen gray houston. >> when you look back six months ago, this is certainly a startling turn of events. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> your welcome. in prince george's county, baker is the winner. he beat out michael jackson. he won with 44%. michael jackson got 33% of the vote and samuel dean had 13%. we got more from stacy cohan live in upper marlborough. stacy, good morning. >> reporter: well good morning. and this race is let startling than what happened in
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washington, d.c. but it's original in its own way. you have rash earn baker three times, and i asked him why you would run three times. and he was determined. and now he beat out michael jackson, the sheriff for two terms. jackson has been endorsed by jack johnson. that was not enough to put him over the top. and indeed baker, in talking casually last night thanked his supports and said he knew he had a big job ahead. >> we feel good about where we are right now. the campaign came through. but the most important thing, and we talked about this probably ad nauseam, was our education system and creating jobs and that's what i want to
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do with county executives. i have some great partners and i'm happy to party with the people that made it happen. >> reporter: when the party is over, the county office building is behind me and this is where the county executive and county council do their general business. and in fact today, baker will hold a press conference and i imagine we'll hear more about all of this. stacy cohan, fox 5 news. our coverage of the primary results continues a little later this morning. it was a big night for the tea party. the latest on that story coming up at 9:30. and for all of your primary election results head to your website, well most parents know that prescription drugs can be used by teens to get high but did
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you know the over the count counter could have syrup can -- cough searup could be tainted. much more ahead. we're back after the break. right now it's 9:09. 
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a fox 5 health alert. a food and drug administration panel have decided over-the- counter cough medicines should stay that way and not be moved behind the counter. the group was considering requiring the move because doctor are reporting liver failure and even death among mostly teen-agers and preteens who use the products to get high. an fda report said emergency room visits related to cough medication abuse shot up 73% from 2004 to 2008. if you are a parent who have never heard of this problem, you're not alone. joining us this morning, dr.
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kirsten hawkins from georgetown university hospital. also assistant professor of pediatrics medical center. dr. hawkins, thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> and so what is your reaction to this and in the medical world. >> the fda was asked to review it in 2007 by the dea because the teens using the over-the- counter cough syrups and as well as tablets and cap lets. it's been a trend that started in the 80s and with the event of the internet it's taken off. you can see clips on you tube using dexa dorfin. and at the expected dosage that is recommended by the manufacture, it's a safe medication. but when abused as 10-20% times
9:15 am
the correct dosage you get a euphoria, similar to pcp or ketamine. >> and when it's 2:00 notice morning and your running in to grab cough syrup. you don't want to know its prescription only. do you think it's because most people don't abuse it. >> a lot of people don't recognize that it does have an abuse potential. but unfortunately it is well- known among the teenage population that it's an easy high. >> as a parent, what are we looking out for. how do you know since this is still available. >> one is knowing your chin and know the side effects and often the cost preparations contain other things like acetaminophen and that can cause death taking in too much. >> and you have seen this --
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>> i d. -- i did. i saw a person sick from acetaminophen. >> and is it safe? >> in regular dosages over the age of four. they are not recommended for younger children. but for younger teens and adults they are a safe medication. so we do know that studies show there are things just as good for honey, like even honey. >> and some of the mixtures are being used with other drugs? >> sure. it's a huge problem in and of themself. they can get high from it. teens can purchase the powder form which is frightening because they can get higher
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quickly compared to drinking one or two bottles of the searup. and it's worse when they inhale it or inject the powder. >> so literally, taking a pea spoon is hard sometimes. you're talking about a whole bottle. >> correct. it depends on their weight and how much they need to get high. >> that's unbelievable, actually. >> well they've been around for a long time and so just from word of mouth, and it's a problem in the u.s. and europe an asia. it's a worldwide phenomenon. >> we saw some medications used to be available and some of the other allergy medicines, is this effected by that. is anything coming to the counter now? >> no. anything linked to abuse potential with crystal meth in particular, those are still
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available behind the counter. so you have to show the product. and not necessarily make those prescriptions, or put them behind the counter, but do the one extra step. it's most abused between the teens and preteens. >> thank you, doctor. thank you so much. tony, over to you. now to those tainted eggs that came from an iowa farm. congressional investigators say records show wright county egg knew it had problems with salmonella before the outbreak. investigators say the form had more than 400 positive test results of salmonella. they have sickened more than 1500 people. consumer reports is still not impressed with apple's iphone 4. they say the solution
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for the wantenna problem -- antenna problem says it is not sufficient with us. but they want a permanent fix for the design flaw. a pilot yanked off a plane in amsterdam bound for newark. where authorities there say he was not fit to fly. plus holly is working on her acrobatic career this morning. >> reporter: if i was doing what she was doing, i would be in need of special attention. and we are live at national harbor and coming up we'll see firsthand why the show is so amazingly impressive. look mom, one hand. >> that is amazing. as we go to break, here is a look at the a few of the results from last night's primaries. you can see all of these listed
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on it's 9:19 and we're back in a moment.
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a hostage situation in forestville, maryland, is now over. suspect shot himself in the head and has been taken to the hospital. the 37-year-old walked into a home in the 8600 block of richieboro road in forestville last night and got into an argument with a woman and held her at gunpoint. a nine hour standoff ensued. investigators say the woman is an acquaintance and she was not hurt. an accused drunk driver
9:24 am
could soon be facing involuntary manslaughter charges. the woman julia bach lightner passed away yesterday after a six-day fight to survive. she and her friend were run over last week at the intersection of florida and u. in adams morgan. the driver crashed into a restaurant. police arrested 23-year-old shammicca adams. both girls had just started a new semester at johns hopkins. >> johns hopkins has a great place with counselors available so we've been able to hold some open forum sessions if students wanted to come and talk about their situation and their feelings. >> the classmate is still recovering but has been released from the hospital. the driver of the car was ordered into a high intensity supervision program and is not allowed to drink any alcohol but all of these conditions change if new charges are filed today. a frightening robbery in virginia caught on camera. police release this surveillance video, hoping for a tip that leads them to the suspect. it happened yesterday afternoon at the hair cutter inashburn, virginia.
9:25 am
keep an eye on the man in the hat. he walks into the salon pretending to shop but when the employee opens the register, he pulls a knife on her. the suspect got away with all of the cash in the register. fortunately no one was hurt. florida police are looking for the clues of an alexandria businessman. samuel dell brocko was found dead in his apartment over the weekend. he lived there parttime and was the ceo of cpi communications and police confirm it was a homicide. a delta airlines pilot accused of trying to fly while intoxicated. the 52-year-old was pulled from the cockpit before he could take off from amsterdam to new jersey. he had been pulled away from the gate -- or he had already pulled away from the grate when police stopped the plane. a breathalyzer test found he had a blood alcohol level aboth
9:26 am
the netherlands legal limit and faa standards. dutch prosecutors fined him $910. he is suspended from flying pending the investigation. the last big night of primaries is over. i'm doug luzader in washington. wel have more on the results just ahead. and you probably heard the story about the female mexican reporter involved in the harassment with the new york jets. is making waves. clinton portis' controversial comments coming up next. and as we go to break, here is a look at last night's primary results from across the area. we'll be back in a moment. ksgot
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never one to shy away from the media. clinton portis has thrust himself into the tv reporter harassment controversy. >> this all started when she went to cover the jets practice and tweeted she felt uncomfortable and the victim of cat calls and whistles from flyers and -- players and coaches. he chided during an interview about female journalists in the locker room. >> you put women reporters in the locker room in the position to see guys walking around naked and you share the locker room with 53 guys and all of a sudden you see a nice woman in the locker room, and i think it isn't going to -- [ inaudible ] you say something to that woman. you give a woman with a choice of 53 athletes someone is going
9:31 am
to [ inaudible ] and she's going to want somebody. what kind of woman won't. >> that took a different direction. redskins spokesperson tony wyley released a statement saying that the washington redskins have a clear and unambiguous policy and will take the necessary steps to remind everyone about it. as the entire league is doing right now just to make sure everyone is on the same page. >> interesting. >> that is true. yes. the weather looks great for sunday afternoon. >> stay away from that. >> yeah. >> a big redskin game this sunday. it will be good-looking weather. >> and appropriate weather. >> and very appropriate weather, yes. not too hot, not too cold. >> exactly. anything you want to add, tony? >> nope. >> let's get to it and talk temperatures. 70 degrees at reagan national. 64 in gaithersburg. a nice, cool start to the day. 50s off to the north and west
9:32 am
this morning. well into the 60s. and we'll jump in the low 80s this afternoon. and going to feel great. 64 in martinsberg. 70 in fredericksberg. a lot of sunshine in the forecast. lighter winds than yesterday. it's going to be a great couple of days around here. and that includes most of tomorrow. we're going to cloud up a little bit later during the day tomorrow and increasing chance of showers thursday night and into friday. but you can see right now, we have a little northwest flow out there and a lot of clear skies out to the west. so today will be fine and tonight will be fine and then we cloud up during the day tomorrow as this area of storminess will track to the region. area of low pressure tracking north and west of us, but driving a cold front through here. so thursday night and friday is our next best chance for rain. and the good news is it will be out of here by friday afternoon and we'll quiet it down for the weekend. one place it is not quiet. atlantic basin. this is our third active storm now. this is tropical storm karl, maximum winds 65 miles per
9:33 am
hour. it is pushing into the yucatan as we speak and we have tropical watches and warnings posted there. that will re-emerge and likely to become a hurricane. this is hurricane karl, still a category four with winds of about 145 miles per hour and gusts over 160. this will track off out to the west moving north, northeast and could make a direct impact with bermuda into sunday or sunday night. we'll see how close the eye wall tracks to bermuda. that could be a problem. out to the east, hurricane julia. but none of these likely to impact the eastern seaboard over the next week or so. our forecast a -- a good one. 83 degrees and winds out of the north and west at 5 miles per hour. and another cool, comfortable overnight and winds nice and light out of the northeast at 5 miles per hour. could be late showers on thursday night and friday.
9:34 am
and you can see right now as you have out door plans for the weekend, couldn't be better. saturday and sunday with a lot of sunshine. that will do it for the forecast. back to you. it looks like a rematch alley and bob ehrlich in the governor's race in maryland. o'malley handling the two challengers with 83% of the vote. >> on the republican side, former governor ehrlich beat challenger brian murphy 76% to 24%. >> a big night for the tea party movement before the november election. >> the results have shaken up the republican party. doug luzader has more on the final numbers from capitol hill. >> reporter: a kind of a mixed night for republicans. plenty of enthusiasm out there but the tea party movement could be difficult to contain. republican christine donnell is backed by the tea party
9:35 am
express, she bested the moderate mike cassel, a fixture in the state's republican party which fought tooth and nail to make sure o'donnell wouldn't win. >> and if those same people who fought against me worked just as hard for me, we will win. [ cheering and applause ] >> i would like to thank the republican party for its support. >> reporter: cassel conceded but the republican party says it will not help o'connell in november's general election where most give her little chance of beating chris coons. tea party helped to beat rick hasyo. >> if we've learned anything tonight it's that new yorkers are mad as well. >> reporter: but it wasn't all bad. charlie rangel ended up easily winning his primary despite facing a slew of ethics charges. but so far this has been a season for the underdogs.
9:36 am
largely uncontested candidates who look forward to even bigger challenges in november. and the great unknown in all of this, is how will the tea party backed candidates do in a general election where independent voters play a much larger role. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. you may have seen the hope diamond at the smithsonian. well now you can own a little piece of smithsonian jewelry. not the hope diamond itself. >> is it real? >> the hope diamond or that? >> what you can own? >> no. we'll talk about the move to help raise money and give you a little shimmer. it's great stuff. it's the kind of car every guy wants to drive. and now this classic car -- >> it's a classic car. >> is auction-block bound. but how much will this ride cost you? we'll have that for you next. and as we go to break, here is a look at some of the results from last night's primaries. you can see all of them at our
9:37 am
website at stay with us. it's 9:36. what's all this?
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you're going to want to see this. a new collection of gems is on display at the smithsonian. >> now fans can own a piece of the history. the smithsonian is partnering with qvc to sell a new line of jewelry based on the collection. the designers work with curators to make re creations. some of the favorites are an edwardian diamond and pearl ring going for just $154. they are replicas. some turquoise earrings based on a wedding gift from napoleon to marie louis. >> this is a chance to show off the pieces we have in our collection and tell the story about the collection and a lot of the work we do here at the smithsonian. so we're excited for a lot of
9:41 am
reasons. >> there are 23 pieces in the first sale. a second is planned for december. and proceeds will help fund the museum. for more information go to and click on the money tab. and qvc has done this before, when i was in some of the remote places i used to work, you watch a lot of tv at night and at 4:00 in the morning and they did a hollywood collection. and you can have a replica of a marilyn monroe ring. >> it's a creative way of trying to get some extra money. >> and get people involved in history. one of the most famous cars in the world is now on the market. >> this is the 1964 astin martin db 5 driven by 007 james bond. shawn connery slipped behind the wheel of the car in gold finger and thunder ball. the car is on display at sutherbys in new york this week. it will go on auction in london next month. it is expected to bring in $5
9:42 am
million. get this, the original owner paid $12,000 for it in 1969. >> beautiful, pristine condition. >> that is -- wow. that would be great to have. well it's the transportation of the future. and there is another competitor in the electric car industry. and you might not even be able to tell there is anything different about this car. we're getting a closer look next. and there is a new cirque du soleil show in town and holly has a front-row seat. she's up next. and taking a look at the last night results in our area. it's 9:41 and we'll be right back.
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don't forget "american idol" is coming on in jan. >> j lo is the new judge. and if you take a closer look you'll see what make this is different from any other saidan. >> sarah simmons is out on the fox lot with 100% electric car that you could see here in our area soon. tell us about it. >> reporter: it is called cota, if you couldn't tell by the hood here, and with us today is the ceo of cota automotive. his name is kevin zinger and he's here to tell us how the 100% electric car works. one of the few in the country. no gas whatsoever? >> it's on a no-liquid diet and it's manufactured in california and coming out this year. >> and here by 2011 sometime. >> in the washington, d.c.
9:47 am
area, the end of 2011, the start of 2012. >> reporter: so she me under the hood. this will look different than your normal vehicle. this has a motor, as you call it. >> yes. this is all electronic. there is virtually no oil running through this, no small explosions from gasoline happening. it's really very, very few moving parts, which need very little maintenance. and the result of what is under the hood here coupled to a very advanced battery system means that you can meet all of your daily driving needs without using an ounce of oil and having zero tailpipe emissions. >> reporter: how fast can this go? are we talking upwards of 100 miles per hour? how fast does it go? >> it is designed to meet on or off the highway roads. we've limited it to 85 miles per hour to make sure you are
9:48 am
getting the maximum range while commuting and we believe the minimum range you need to get to feel comfortable that you can get anywhere in your daily driving and getting home is about 100 miles. and so we've limited that. but no one is supposed to be going over 85 miles per hour and the car has a lot of pep. >> well if you could pop the area, which actually looks like a gas tank, tony and allison, where you would possibly put your gasoline. and this is where you plug in the car. what do you need to get this charged and how long does it hold a charge? >> our belief is that for the initial electric cars in the modern era, people are going to use the home as their filling station. so in order to charge this car, you can plug into your normal 110-volt wall outlet, but what we suggest is that you put in your garage or somewhere outside of your home the equivalent of a automotive
9:49 am
drier plug. it will be like the outlet that you have for your drier in your home. and so if you come home with this car and it's nighttime and you plug it in the garage and the car charges in a couple of hours, if you've done a typical 40-50-mile drive and then ready to go the next morning. you unplug-and-play. >> reporter: how far can you go on one charge? is it more of a commuter car? >> the range is 90-120 miles. and we're being conservative with that range. so if you drive very, very aggressively and have the air- conditioning on and on the highway, it will be 90-100 miles. the reality that people find out is on average in california, people are driving total weekdays each day is about 35 miles. so this gives them a lot of additional range over that. and we feel that the most important thing is if your home is your charging station, you can get home? so on the screen in the car it will say here is how many miles
9:50 am
you have left and here is how far you are from home. >> reporter: now how much of an environmental gain are you getting by doing this 100% electric? it has to be significant. >> very significant. there are zero tailpipe emissions coming out of the car. and if you look, even if the cars were from 100% coal-fired power, you would still have substantial reduction in green house gases. but more importantly this allows your car to be something for the energy for it is sources locally. we're not bringing in foreign oil to power the cars, we're using, for our own economic benefit, in america, locally generated electricity and we feel that's also key. >> kevin zinger with cota automotive. >> what does it stand for? >> truth, justice and the american way. it signals the end of a large piece of music and the start of
9:51 am
something new, so we're the start of a new era. >> reporter: well we appreciate bringing your new cota automobile by here today, kevin, and we'll be looking for it sometime next year in the washington area. it will be out in california first. thank you for coming by. >> thank you, sarah. >> very cool. thank you, sarah. >> one day, we'll be living cleaner. >> i look forward to it. well aerial acts, dancing, acrobatics are some of the things you can see at the national hor bore now through october 24th. >> this morning holly morris is out there to learn more about the cirque du soleil show called ovo. holly, it looks incredible, like all of their shows are. >> reporter: i think it's unfair to say it's just aerial artists or acrobats but when we talk about obo, we're talking
9:52 am
about death-defying butterflies and ants and con for shunnist -- contortionists. and clearly she can't have any bones, right? the performers here are absolutely spectacular. there are 54 performers in this show alone. it just hurts me watching here. they are from 16 different countries. and they are here to entertain and -- entertain and wow you. and it doesn't stop there. that is just one of the very talented performers out there. karl lickay is a trap lien performer or more simply, a cricket. >> i'm one of the 12 crickets in the show. >> reporter: and we have some video. and tell me about what your act does? >> it is the finale of the show, we're doing trapelline, a little bit like floor gymnastics and it's a mix of
9:53 am
acrobats. it is people running up walls, kept weather and so it's slipping. >> reporter: that's very brazilian. and that's cool. we've featured that before a time or two. but you have to do all of the stunts yet be a bug. >> yes. we have to stay as a cricket while flipping and we're keeping the angle position in the arms instead of having nice line like competition, you have to do it. >> reporter: you can do the bug form for me? >> yes. and so if you do that, you have bended elbows and knees and so you can jump on the side or jump down. or if you want to go upside down like other bugs do. so like that. that's another bug position. >> reporter: all in a day's work at cirque du soleil. so this is where you guys keep trained and in tune on this rockwall back here.
9:54 am
>> we warm up our body and our hands because doing rock climbing all of the time is hard on your hands. >> reporter: clearly it takes a lot of strength, but you were telling me before it's about your core? >> it's about the core, the strength and flexibility so you can move your center point close to the wall to keep balance on the rock. >> reporter: that's pretty cool. did you grow up thinking i'm going to be a cirque du soleil performer some day? >> yes and no. i have been doing tram poline since i was 8 years old. >> reporter: you seem so young. so do even you guys get amazed at what the other acts can do? >> all of the time. we get impressed with the other ones. if you take the ants, they're foot juglers. that was the first time we've
9:55 am
seen that. or someone like islama, she's bendy. she's the rubber lady. >> reporter: and you had opening night last thursday and how have things been so far? >> washington is good. they have a lot of noise and a lot of clapping. it's helping to give them a good show. and we can give them as much energy as asked. >> reporter: i was on my seat at the end of the show on friday night. it was great. and the crickets were my favorite. the spiders were my favorite. no, all of the bugs were my favorite. here through october 24th. is our website. we have a link so cirque du soleil. they have shows every day of the week except monday. they have multiple shows on friday, saturday and sunday and they've added a few showers for -- shows for thursday. and check it out so you can come out and be wowed yourself.
9:56 am
>> that guy on that rockwall is like spider pan. >> he performs at night and is a superhero at night. >> your mask is slipping. we know who you are. a final check of your forecast is coming up after the break. also, something more. >> yes. >> well i read what i was supposed to read. >> if you have a question you would like to know the answer to, well head to and click on the morning tab to a link to "ask allison." i will talk about anything you want to talk about. let's talk. >> hey. >> i said let's talk. we do it friday during fox 5 morning news. we'll be right back.  ring ring. progresso.
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